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Hit Your Most Profitable Year In Trading On or Before the End of the 1st Quarter 2024 or Your Money Back... Guaranteed!!!

The claim above sounds salesy right?

I bet you, I mean every words there… If after the bootcamp, you followed all the instructions, did all you could and if by the end of the 1st quarter of 2024, you couldn’t see any exponential growth in your trading results, I’ll look into your trading journal and see if you have played by the rules given during and after the bootcamp and then tender my sincere apology for wasting your time and resources and then refund you to the last penny.

Nobody has ever done this in the forex industry. All I want is to see everybody succeed!

Times are changing and it’s changing fast.

I believe Charles Dickens here says it best:

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”
Charles Dickens

On one hand, we’ve got an avalanche of wealth just waiting to be unlocked by those of us who are savvy enough to embrace the new approach in Algorithmic trading. But on the other hand, for those who are still dragging their feet, the future is looking pretty bleak.

I mean, the number of SLs being hit, Break Even week and accounts being blown by the day because of the old way of doing things is alarming.

But here’s the thing: in this day and age, hard work alone won’t cut it. It’s all about you having the right education and being in the midst of like-minds.

Imran Gafar here, the king of snipe trading... I'll be dedicating the next 6 months

to grooming and working tirelessly with you if you’re serious, ready and want nothing but consistency in your trading. No gimmick, no laziness because I am going to push you to your best. You can either go all in or give up and go back home broke.

Here Are The Things We Will Cover

Day 1, Nov 18th 2023

We would go over the basics of forex:

Price Action: we’ll have an in-dept look into price action and unveil its intentions, what to expect next from the price formation.

Market Structure: I’ll reveal to you what no mentor has ever taught you on structures… We’ll go in-depth on market structures in an objective way that would help you stay on m1 (or a particular) timeframe and identify higher tf structures and vice versa. This alone has helped my students to become better in building their narratives in the market.

Order blocks: the misconceptions traders have about the order block and how you should be looking at it from a logic point.

Demand and Supply: the appropriate way to find your valid supply and demand for your trade setups, why some zones are not worth the stress and what you should do.

Internal & External Structures: The rules to abide with on External and Internal Structures

Timeframe structure analysis: Every timeframe has its unique and independent structures, knowing these will help you understand what to expect per time based on the analysis of a particular timeframe structures and what price is presenting.

Day 2, Nov 19th, 2023

Here, we’ll advance to intermediate

Liquidity and the types of liquidity: There are hidden Liquidities in the market. Aside Inducement Liq, SLQ and some
other Liquidities you know, there are more hidden liquidities in the market that you never believe exist… I’ll reveal all the hidden liquidities that help me in deciding fast to taking my entries.

Liquidity cycle: Here lies some amazing treasures in the market. When you know which cycle price is playing and you take your trade based on that, then you wouldn’t need to cut your trade target short. This cycle is a game changer and has helped me take the most out of my trades.

The most valid Demand and Supply to use for your setup POI and how you can avoid zones pitfall.

Transfer of money: Money is being transferred in the market in different ways, having a better understanding of the next money level could potentially increase your trade taking per day.

Day 3, Nov 25th, 2023

At this point everything will be getting clearer and your understanding of the market would have increased immensely.

Algo market structure

Price behavior and how to leverage on it

Proper Price delivery

What to expect and do in the absence of MSU: Why MSU is just one of the many trade setup confirmations and I’ll be showing you LIVE what you need to look out for whenever price is not giving an MSU confirmation.

Entries rules and criteria: My most appreciated work of all time… All the entry criteria you need to see after your trade confirmations are met and why these criteria would increase your Risk to Reward immensely and make you hit your daily, weekly target with less trades. Remember, less is more!

The rules that validates each trade entry varies.

A thorough explanations of what you need to see if a trade is not going as anticipated and what you should do to protect your capital.

Day 4, Nov 26th, 2023

A personalized trading plan tailored to fit your personality.

Top-down analysis: The most important thing to do when doing your analysis, why you should not be looking at some tf before building your directional bias for the day

How to combine everything learnt so far

Forward testing session

Day 5, Dec 2nd, 2023


Q & A

Forward Testing Session

Day 6, Dec 3rd, 2023


Q & A

Forward Testing Session

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Anybody can walk on water, if they know where the stones are.

Are you ready to break all the shackles and limitations holding you back all these years and take your trading to the next level with me?

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At the end of this bootcamp;

  • New set of market wizards will emerge.
  • You won’t have to look at the market the same way ever again.
  • No more losing streaks, breaking even (BE) week and account blowing…

As my friend would say, if there’s anything that has ever worked for you Rhino… It is TRADING!
Yea, the passion I have for trading has helped me discover so many things about the market. I can open my chart and within few seconds, scan through the chart and determine where price will buy or sell from.

I want to teach you everything I know about the market without holding back a single thing. And I am confident that this is all you have to know to crush your brokers with no mercy and hit it big.

Don't Just Take My Word For It... Here Is What Some of My Students Have To Say


Let Me Be Clear, This Bootcamp Is Not For Everyone.

If you’re the type of person who fears progress and change, this is not the place for you.

We are all about pushing boundaries and using the new algorithmic trading approach to make ourselves better and richer.

So, if you’re a forward-thinking person like me, let’s work together and create something truly amazing.

"You Do Not Have To Be an Industry Legend to Get Legendary Results..."

What Does All of The Top Traders Have in Common?

They channel their energies and focus on what works in the market and eliminate distraction.

They discipline themselves and keep to their rules always.

They only pick trade when their trade setup is ready.

And they don’t trade all the time… 

Now, you can choose to be a naysayer and ignore this lifetime opportunity or you can grab the bull by the horns and ride it to the moon.

The way I see it, you now have three options.

Option 1

Keep doing what you have been doing and get the same results you have always gotten. The definition of insanity is, “doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.”

Option 2

Try doing it on your own and spend countless hours online digging through different IG stories and Youtube channels, hoping to figure it out on your own. Some people spend 10 years trying to figure things out but to no avail.

Option 3

Join us at this ‘Nov Special Bootcamp’, meet with other likeminded traders, skip that trial and error and compress years of digging on your own into an amazing 6 days of intensive learning and unlearning.



Now You're Probably Wondering...

How Much Will This Awesome Opportunity Cost To Have Me Teach and Mentor You?

If you were to have an EXCLUSIVE 1 on 1 with me, it costs £5000 which equivalents to ($6,200)

(And this depends on my schedule. Which is why I hardly organize a bootcamp.)

However, this bootcamp has been on demand for so long, and I want your trading to THRIVE during these crazy times

so I decided to have a “November Special Program” well discounted.

Normal Bootcamp Price

£2500 ($3100)

But because this is to help you as a trader to get better so;

Pay Only
£1,750 ($2,087)

This Offer Ends On the 10th November

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Questions & Answers

The November Special Bootcamp is an advanced program and it’s specially designed to help Smart Money Traders seeking upgrade and/or consistent wins in their approach to the market.

If that’s you, then here’s your golden opportunity to learn firsthand with Rhino

The November Special Bootcamp takes place in 6 sessions:

  • Sat, Nov 18, 2023;
  • Sun, Nov 19, 2023;
  • Sat, Nov 25, 2023;
  • Sun, Nov 26, 2023;
  • Sat, Oct 2, 2023; and
  • Sun, Oct 3, 2023

Each session runs from 3pm to 6pm UK time.

I completely understand that you’ll want to rewatch the recordings after each session. For security reasons, we will not be providing any recordings of the bootcamp sessions. However, please rest assured that all the teachings are presented in a manner so simple and straightforward that even a six-year-old could understand. Our aim is to ensure that every participant can grasp and apply the knowledge effectively during and after the bootcamp.

Your journey doesn’t stop with the bootcamp; in fact, it’s just the beginning. When you enroll, you’re not just gaining access to the bootcamp – you’re entering into a lifelong mentorship. We strongly believe in continuous support and progress.
After the bootcamp, there will be follow-up sessions to ensure that you’ve not only learned but truly understood the teachings. These sessions are designed to address any questions or uncertainties you may arise.

Moreover, you’ll become a member of our global discord community. Here, you’ll connect with fellow students, enabling you to share your trading insights and experiences. Additionally, every week, I’ll personally lead community sessions where we dive into market outlooks and discuss the latest developments. This ongoing interaction is a vital part of your journey towards becoming a successful trader.

You’ll reap the benefits of your effort. It’s not just about the knowledge; it’s about applying what you learn. I’ll guide you with assignments to ensure your progress.

The path that brought you here won’t take you further – it’s time for a more dedicated approach. Success in trading requires commitment and action.

Come on! Are you serious?

Frankly, that’s the exact reason you SHOULD create time to attend this November Special Bootcamp. This program is specially designed to help traders like you the advanced trading approach you need to scale up while carving out more time for yourself.

With the extra time you get as a result of attending this bootcamp, you can refocus on taking your trading to a more RR level with lesser trades and a better life.

Just scroll up to the sign up button or click the “I’m ready to learn from the best” button below and make your payment asap to secure your slot for the program.

Why not do it now while it’s on your mind?

We prefer payment through Crypto (USDT), but we understand that it might not work for everyone due to regional restrictions. No worries! You can opt for a trusted third-party payment website. Many of our students have used these platforms seamlessly and securely for their payments without any problems.

Your convenience and security are our priorities.

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